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Self-access English Language Enrichment Hub (SELEH): The OER Booster

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Self-access English Language Enrichment Hub or SELEH, which is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 4.0, is an Open Educational Resource (OER) formulated based on RACQAIL attributes where English educators and learners can find accessible and useful links for teaching and learning purposes at their own pace. Many of the listed links come from WeCWI Integrated Solutions' resources, including articles and videos. At the same time, the remaining are other resourceful websites or web pages arranged in different categories for ease of reference. However, some articles (exclusive blog posts) are reserved for WeCWIIS Pro and WeCWIIS Starter members.

Discovering SELEH Solutions

There are seven sections with several sub-sections. Each sub-section has several hyperlinks. The underlined fonts in five different colours with four different icons applied in the list are the remarks referring as follows:

Black: All levels

Orange: Pre-diploma

Green: Diploma

Blue: Degree

Purple: Postgraduate

📝📝: Article

📄: Document

💻💻: Web

📽️: Video


A. Parts of Speech

1.Parts of Speech💻💻 2.Nouns💻 3.Pronouns💻 4.Verbs💻 [a.Irregular verbs💻 b.Subject-verb agreementSubject-verb agreement💻 c.Tensesenses💻 (i.Simple presentimple present💻 ii.Present continuousesent continuous💻 iii.Present perfectesent perfect💻 iv.Present perfect continuousent perfect continuous💻 v.Simple past past💻 vi.Past continuousontinuous💻 vii.Past perfecterfect💻 viii.Past perfect continuouserfect continuous💻 ix.Simple futureture💻 x.Future continuousinuous💻 xi.Future perfectect💻 xii.Future perfect continuousect continuous💻) 5.Adjectives💻 6.Adverbs💻(Qualifiersiers💻) 7.Prepositionspositions💻 8.ConjunctionsConjunctions💻 9.Determinersterminers💻 (Articlesles💻) 10.Interjectionsctions💻

B. Sentences

1.Structures💻💻 2.Types💻

C. Mistakes

1.Common mistakes📝📝


A. Strategies

1.Oral information💻💻 2.Key transitions💻 3.Relationships💻 4.Keywords💻 5.Stress and intonation💻 6.PurposePurpose💻 7.Important informationmportant information💻 8.Instructionsstructions💻 9.Propositionspositions💻 10.Summary of gistmary of gist💻 11.Prediction of meaningiction of meaning💻 (a.Schemataata💻 b.Contextual cluesual clues💻 c.Communicative purposeative purpose💻 d.Aural discoursecourse💻) 12.Logical inferencesinferences💻

B. Assessments

1.Self-assessed📝📝 2.CBLT📝 3.LIRA📝 4.Online Listening Assessment💻


A. Tips

1.Practise speaking English📽️

B. Strategies

1.Social interactions💻💻 (a.WH questions💻 b.Introduction of a topic💻 c.Transitional markers💻 d.Opinions💻e.Closing strategieslosing strategies💻) 2.Language formsLanguage forms💻 (a.Ideas in discussionsdeas in discussions💻 b.Discussionscussions💻) 3.Negotiation strategiesotiation strategies💻

C. Assessments

1.Role play📝📝 2.Oral commentary📝 (Student's sample📽️) 3.Informative speech [a.Topic selection📝 b.Introduction📝 (Pre-recordedre-recorded📽️ vs llive📽️ presentations) c.Body and conclusion📝 (Pre-recordedrecorded📽️ vs liveve📽️ presentations) d.Samples (i.Depression📽️ ii.Violent video gamesent video games📽️)] 4.Pitch (a.Topic selection📝 b.Successful pitchul pitch📝) 5.Persuasive speech (a.Topic selection📝 b.Monroe's Motivated Sequenceotivated Sequence📝 c.Student's sampleample📽️) 6.Panel forum (Students' sample📽️) 7.Group discussion [a.Speaking conventions & best practices📝 b.Students’ group discussion (Google Meet vs Microsoft Teams📽️) c.Samples (i.Obesityesity📽️ ii.Income for a vacationacation📽️ iii.Online businesss📽️ iv.Gift for a trip abroadabroad📽️ v.Having pets📽️ vi.Social mediaocial media📽️ vii.IInternet addiction📽️ viii.Cheating in tests/assignmentsassignments📽️ ix.Individual’s personalityity📽️ x.University’s dress code📽️) 8.E-poster presentation [E-poster creation using free templateE-poster creation using free template📽️ (Students' sample📽️)]


A. Tips

1.Reading to remember📽️

B. Types

1.Academic reading📝📝 2.Extensive reading (ER)💻 (Tips💻)

C. Strategies

1.Skimming💻💻 2.Scanning💻 3.Dictionary💻 4.Contextual clues💻 5.Structure of a passage💻 (a.Topic sentence💻 b.Main ideas & supporting detailsain ideas & supporting details💻 c.Relationships within a paragraphlationships within a paragraph💻 d.Relationships between paragraphsationships between paragraphs💻 e.Mechanics in reading textsanics in reading texts💻 (i.Referentsrents💻 ii.Transitional linkersitional linkers💻 iii.Cohesive devicesive devices💻) 6.Vocabulary [a.University Word List (UWL)💻 b.Word list💻💻 c.Vocabulary levels levels💻 d.Vocabulary levels testlevels test💻] 7.Interpret texts to paraphraseexts to paraphrase💻 8.Interpret texts to summarisets to summarise💻 9.Order/transfer information information💻

D. Assessments

1.Personal reading logs📝📝 2.Analysing an argumentative article📝


A. Tips

1.Impactful comment📽️

B. Strategies

1.Academic Writing Tips📝📝 2.Paraphrasing📝 3.Summarising📝 4.Branstorming💻 5.Composing [a.Expository essay📝 b.Opinion essayOpinion essay💻 c.Essay samples (i.WritingBros💻 ii.Blablawritinglablawriting💻 iii.New York Essaysew York Essays💻)] 5.Editing (a.Self-editing and proofreading📝 b.Editing serviceng service📝) 6.Technical Expressions (Academic phrase bank💻)

C. Assessments

1.Analysis (a.Evaluative commentary📝📝 b.Articles selection📽c.Outline📽️) 2.Annotation (a.Annotated bibliography📝 b.Techniques📽️) 3.Term Paper (coming soon) 4.Written Report (a.Research proposal📝 b.Research reportesearch report📝)


A. Searching

1.Searches (a.Google Scholar💻💻 b.Microsoft Academic💻 c.ERIC💻 d.ResearchGate💻 e.CORE💻 f.Semantic SchooSemantic School💻 g.RefSeekefSeek💻 h.BASESE💻💻 j.PDF DriveDrive💻 k.Malaysian Theses Onlinesian Theses Online💻)

2.Libraries (a.WorldCat💻💻 b.SpringerLink💻 c.Bioline International💻 d.RePEc💻)

B. Defining

1.Longman💻💻 2.Oxford💻 3.Merriam-Webster's💻

C. Referencing

1.APA💻💻 (i.7th edition (1)💻 ii.7th edition (2)💻 ii.6th vs. 7th edition💻) b.IEEE (2018)📄

D. Assessing


E. Assisting

1.Citing (a.Citefast💻💻) 2.Paraphrasing (a.QuillBot💻 b.Paraphraser💻 c.Wordtune💻) 3.Generating ideas (Speedwrite💻) 3.Checking grammar (a.Ginger💻 b.WhiteSmokehiteSmoke💻) 4.Checking readability (Hemingway Editor💻) 4.Gamifying [Wordwall💻 (Random Wheels 1 & 2)]

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