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Updated: Jul 7

How can I get published if I do not have a platform? Should I build one? But how? Where can I publish my article on a scholarly-oriented blog? How much does publishing on a highly referenced blog cost? These common queries that are always found among academics and writers can be answered simpler than you think: Write to us, and we will publish it with a minimal fee upon acceptance after being reviewed and proofread.


Below are the 10 benefits of publishing with us as our guest author:

  1. All accepted submissions are recognised as high-quality resourceful articles in the related field.

  2. All submitted articles will be reviewed and proofread prior published.

  3. All accepted articles are published only on the highly referenced blog.

  4. The publication fee for one guest post is as low as 99 MYR/article.

  5. All guest posts are open-access for high visibility.

  6. All guest posts are promoted and shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and Flipboard.

  7. Each article has a personalised URL address.

  8. The article can be easily saved, printed, and read on desktop and mobile devices.

  9. All writers are featured on the Member page.

  10. All writers will earn 50 points that can be redeemed when signing up for any WeCWIIS membership plans under the Rewards Programme.

Before Published... Solutions

We welcome your thoughts, experiences, observations, findings, and innovative ideas about the best practices in language development and instructional design to be discovered by our web readers for knowledge sharing. You can refer to the specific categories labelled by the tags at the bottom of our blog; however, product reviews, advertorials, press releases, and sales pitches are not allowed.

Before writing to us, ensure your article is original (not published elsewhere) and distinct from the articles already posted on our blog. Consider pitching and writing your content ideas in a high-quality manner without obvious spelling or grammatical errors.

Your guest post must be written in English. It is recommended to be written within 1000 – 2000 words in an essay format with headings, subheadings, and numbered lists/bullets (if available) to structure your writing. Use short paragraphs, preferably not more than 6 sentences per paragraph. You may include facts, research, or personal anecdotes to substantiate your points with a limited number of external links.

Getting Published... Solutions

In addition, you are welcome to include your own high-resolution images/videos as part of the submission. Including images or videos within the article should be with permission or source citations or credits of the source. We reserve the right to edit your content by focusing on the correctness of the language used to make the content more readable.

Your final draft should be accompanied by an author's full name, designation, affiliation, and a high-resolution profile photo in a square shape. By submitting your article, you agree to us using it on our website (with any appropriate amendments) without claiming payment or copyright infringement now or in the future. When the article is published on our website, you cannot republish the article without our prior written approval.

Please email your guest post in Microsoft Word and attach the related images or videos separately (if any) to for your guest post submission. If you wish to submit paid guest posts, advertise on our site with banner ads, engage in other types of content collaboration, or have any inquiries, kindly fill out the Contact below.

After Published... Solutions

Below are the published guest posts:

  1. Learn English Autonomously @ UiTM WESLLAP

  2. Flexible ESL Online Learning Activities via Padlet

  3. Blog and Reflect: The Learning Journal

  4. Creating Gamified Learning Tasks: From Ingenious Ideation to Impactful Implementation

  5. Integration of LearnC4’s Story-Game in Robert Gagné’s Nine Events of Instruction

  6. Tips for Making Google Classroom More Student-Centred

  7. E-learning Application Architecture: Basic Functionality and Cost Estimate

  8. Documenting Sources Using the APA 7th Edition Format

To share your thoughts by leaving a comment on this post, kindly sign up as a member by filling in your details in the Contact below.

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