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Elevate Your Writing with WeCWIIS Editing, Translating & Proofreading Services

Updated: May 6

Everyone can write, and it may seem like an easy task. However, for some people, it may not. Though many writers can write well, it doesn't mean they can improve their own writing. I have many friends who are great writers; however, many are still seeking my help to edit their work. Why shouldn't they even try? Based on my experiences as an author and editor, I have summarised the reasons into three main points.

An editor normally looks into grammar, spelling, and punctuation, sometimes including content revision (content editing) and typography (copy editing). Grammarly is a widely used application for spelling, grammar, and plagiarism checking, which is essential for language editing. After editing, proofreading is the next step to review typos, spacing, and formatting issues before submission.

A translator is needed when the writer intends to compose an article in another target language. Whether you are an academic, researcher, grant holder, or postgraduate student, hiring a professional editor or subscribing to an editing service provider such as WeCWIIS is always recommended. This can help you deliver your complex idea effectively before publishing it.

Self-Editing? Hmm...

First, humans have limited mental capacity. When we write, we express our thoughts using words and putting them on display for the readers to comprehend. Writing and editing are two different processes. When emotionally attached to it, we cannot write and edit our work simultaneously.

Second, over-confidence leads to believing editing is more unnecessary than it deserves. Some writers will assume their work is nearly or almost perfect, but nothing or nobody is perfect, neither how much effort nor time is invested.

Third, writing a good article is a daunting task: time-consuming, tiring, and skill-demanding. Depending on how much you’ve devoted yourself to writing, you might be exhausted when reading your own words. You may just want to get through it faster—this is no way to edit with full motivation and concentration.

Are you looking for Editing, Translating, and Proofreading Services? Solutions

WeCWI Integrated Solutions offers editing, translating, and proofreading services mainly for English, Malay and Chinese. The manuscripts are classified into three categories are as follows:

  1. Category A: Common text including essay, story, book, and book chapter

  2. Category B: Technical text including scientific paper, research article, report, and thesis

  3. Category C: Promotional or publicity materials including certificate, flyer, pamphlet, brochure, banner, poster, and questionnaire

An editor focuses on language issues, including grammar, spelling, and punctuation. The editing fees are classified into three categories:

  • Category A: 1 MYR / 10 words

  • Category B: 1 MYR / 8 words

  • Category C: 1 MYR / 6 words

A translator focuses on English < > Malay and English < > Chinese as the target languages. The translating fees are classified into three categories:

  • Category A: 1 MYR / 8 words

  • Category B: 1 MYR / 6 words

  • Category C: 1 MYR / 4 words

A proofreader covers language, organisation, and reference issues. The proofreading fees are classified into three categories:

  • Category A: 1 MYR / 9 words

  • Category B: 1 MYR / 7 words

  • Category C: 1 MYR / 5 words

For thesis formatting service, the standardised fee for ALL categories is 2 MYR / page.


If interested, kindly call or text +6019-594 6818 or email your manuscript to asking for a quotation. After receiving an invoice via email upon confirmation, you can proceed with the payment through online banking, DuitNow, WeChat Pay or PayPal ( based on the agreed total amount stated in the invoice.

All work will commence after receiving the full payment based on the Word count using Microsoft Word. Track Changes and New Comment on Microsoft Word are used. Less than 10 pages of manuscript should be completed within one week, effective from the payment date. The work can be completed earlier for an urgent case with the agreed higher rates.

An acknowledgement letter and the edited manuscript will be emailed upon request. All clients will enjoy a 5% discount on the first service subscription, and returning clients will also enjoy a 5% discount on all service subscriptions.


  1. What an excellent service! They offered fast, detailed, and very neat work. Highly recommended! 👍🏻 — Assoc. Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr Siti Noraini (Universit Teknologi MARA, Cawangan Pulau Pinang)

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