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WeCWI-Enabled Widgetised and Non-Widgetised Blogs: The Impact on Writing Performance

Updated: Mar 27

Web-based instruction (WBI) is a hypermedia-based instructional system that includes web resources as a fast-expanding mode of knowledge transfer to nurture a rich learning experience. I have been working to improve my personal WBI by creating my web materials and incorporating web activities into my lessons. Since the beginning of the era of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, WBI should be considered as all educators' 21st-century digital skill to innovate their online tools and pedagogies in creating their preferred instructional platform. I started by using a blog as my WBI platform 14 years ago. It has been recognised as one of the 40 must-know Web 2.0 educational tools (Mohamed Amin Embi, 2013), and our students are also regarded as 21st-century literate netizens.

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