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University English Course: Integrated Language Skills on Reading




56 hours

About the Course

This course is designed for UiTM diploma students to develop their English abilities with a focus on reading, by combining listening and speaking skills together. It emphasises building students' confidence as independent readers by introducing them to various reading resources, short tales, and extensive reading strategies. This course assists students to perform efficiently and competently in social and academic interaction by providing engaging reading experiences outside of the classroom and developing their understanding of language.

This course aims to develop language skills to a high intermediate level through using a range of reading materials in several scenarios.

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to: show the ability to read and write coherently based on a variety of reading sources at the higher intermediate level; display the ability to vocally express and defend viewpoints while communicating during the social conversation at the higher intermediate level; and exhibit the capacity to listen to and respond to a variety of conversation at the higher intermediate level.

1. UiTM diploma students

1. Reading: personal, relevant reading goals, personal vocabulary list, personal reading logs, general reading strategies, the structure of a passage, the mechanics used in reading texts, paraphrasing information, summarising information, interpreting non-linear texts, analysing reading texts, and drawing conclusions
2. Speaking: conversation strategies, expressing ideas orally, group discussions, and appropriate closing strategies
3. Listening: interpreting and responding, selecting and paraphrasing, interpreting and summarising, synthesising and concluding, and selecting information to explain the stance


1. Personal Reading Logs 1 & 2︱10% x 2︱1 hour︱Weeks 6 & 9
2. CBLT︱20%︱13 minutes︱Weeks 7-11
3. Speaking (Discussion & Observation)︱20%︱13 minutes︱Weeks 11-12
4. Reading Test︱40%︱2 hours︱Week 14


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Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Mah Boon Yih

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Mah Boon Yih, a Professional Technologist, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Educator Trainer (2022-2023), Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer (2021-2022) and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (2021-2023), is an Associate Professor at the Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Penang Branch, Malaysia.

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