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University English Course: English for Pre-Diploma




140 hours

About the Course

This course is designed for UiTM pre-diploma students with proficiency at the elementary level to improve their language ability. It focuses on the four language components: reading, writing, listening and speaking. The teaching of grammar is integrated into the four language components.

This course aims to improve the learners' language ability in reading, writing, listening and speaking skills integrated with grammar in the four language components.

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to respond verbally and appropriately in a social context, respond to audio texts in written form, and report verbally and in writing based on a given theme.

1. UiTM pre-diploma students

1. Listening: Keyword recognition, key transitions in a discourse, stress and intonation, and information selection and recalling from listening texts
2. Speaking: language functions in social and academic situations, ideas and opinions, suggestions, recommendations and points of view
3. Reading: vocabulary building, general reading strategies, the structure of a passage, mechanics used in reading texts, information extraction from a passage, and information extraction from linear to non-linear texts
4. Writing: punctuation marks and spelling, basic, compound and complex sentences, pre-writing strategies, opinion essays
5. Grammar: parts of speech (review nouns, pronouns, determiners, prepositions, adverbs and
adjectives), intensifiers, comparatives and superlatives adjectives, connecting words, tenses, phrasal verbs, modals, reported speech, simple passive, and conditionals


1. Role Play︱20%︱2-3 minutes︱Week 6
2. Listening for Specific Information︱20%︱1 hour︱Week 10
3. Take-home Assignment︱30%︱4 weeks︱Week 13
4. E-poster Presentation︱30%︱20 minutes︱Week 14


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Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Mah Boon Yih

Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr Mah Boon Yih, a Professional Technologist, Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Educator Trainer (2022-2023), Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer (2021-2022) and Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (2021-2023), is an Associate Professor at the Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Penang Branch, Malaysia.

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