Doctorate: The Exciting Journey to Pursuing Excellence




72 hour

About the Course

Doctorate: The Exciting Journey to Pursuing Excellence is a continuing course built on WeCWI principles to read, write, and discuss within a supportive e-learning environment for postgraduates and postgraduate-to-be preparing and planning for their PhD pathway for on-time graduation within 36 months. Guidelines, tips, techniques, and resources are delivered via a monthly online workshop via Microsoft Teams, along with a short quiz. This course contains 36 fundamental topics that have been properly structured based on the recommended progress to graduate on time within three years. Furthermore, participants will be invited to join the exclusive Postgraduate Studies group and have access to all workshop modules (exclusive blog entries) and resourceful links on the Self-access English Language Enrichment Hub through WeCWIIS Pro annual subscription.

The goal of this ongoing course is to equip the postgraduates and postgraduates-to-be with the essential knowledge and skills to prepare themselves along the pathway towards completing their doctorate within 36 months.

At the end of the course, the participants should be able to master and apply the skills on how to embark on postgraduate research, communicate with the supervisor, improve academic reading and writing, write and defend the proposal, apply the right research method, write the thesis chapters, defend in the viva voce, as well as submit the final thesis within 36 months.

1. Postgraduates
2. Postgraduates-to-be
3. Supervisors

Year 1 (SS&H and S&T doctoral students)
1.Discovering Postgraduate Studies ・ 2.Finding the Right Supervisor ・ 3.Working with Your Supervisor ・ 4.Finding a Research Topic ・ 5.Determining the Problem Statement ・ 6.Identifying Research Objectives ・ 7.Formulating Questions & Hypotheses ・ 8.Formulating a Conceptual/Research Framework ・ 9.Applying Research Ethical Clearance ・ 10.Conducting a Pilot Test ・ 11.Writing a Research Proposal ・ 12.Defending the Research Proposal

Year 2 (SS&H doctoral candidates)
1.PhD Thesis Writing in ESL Context ・ 2.Improving Academic Reading ・ 3.Improving Academic Writing ・ 4.Paraphrasing & Summarising ・ 5.Citing & Quoting ・ 6.Annotating & Synthesising ・ 7.Doing Literature Review ・ 8.Conducting Library & Internet Research ・ 9.Formulating a Theoretical Framework ・ 10.Applying Qualitative Research Design ・ 11.Applying Quantitative Research Design ・ 12.Getting Your Articles Published

Year 3 (SS&H doctoral candidates)
1.Finding Population & Sampling ・ 2.Getting Instrumentation Ready ・ 3.Collecting Quantitative & Qualitative Data ・ 4.Analysing Quantitative Data ・ 5.Analysing Qualitative Data ・ 6.Reporting the Findings ・ 7.Discussing the Findings ・ 8.Concluding from the Discussions ・ 9.Recommending from the Conclusions ・ 10.Defending in the Viva Voce ・ 11.Revising, Editing & Proofreading the Thesis ・ 12.Maximising Your PhD
Note: SS&H (Social Science & Humanities) & S&T (Science & Technology)


1. 10/2021 - 10/2024︱Soaring Falcon International Customised Doctoral Workshop
2. 2/7/2022 ︱21:00-21:30︱WeCWIIS-DSG Webinar 2022: Expert Talk


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Assoc. Prof. Dr Mah Boon Yih

Assoc. Prof. Dr Mah Boon Yih, who is also a Microsoft Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator Master Trainer (2021-2022), Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (2021-2022) and Graduate Technologist, is an Associate Professor at the Academy of Language Studies, UiTM Penang Branch, Malaysia.